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January 10th, 2024

Thank you for stopping by! I'm not much of a blogger, so this is probably the only post that I will ever make.

My career as an artist has been an erratic and chaotic adventure. This post is an effort to organize everything I've got going on into one place. If you are familiar with my career and remember something that isn't on this list, there is a good chance I've abandoned the effort with no intention of ever returning to it.

I now consider this shop on Fine Art America/Pixels my official site. Get back here anytime with any of these URLs:

Fine Art America:

I no longer have leggings on Etsy, but you can get comparable leggings from Zazzle:

My shops on Zazzle, which include lots of designs that I've discontinued from everywhere else:
Colorlight Designs: Funky Beautiful Mandala Designs by Mercury McCutcheon
Patternocalypse: Everyday Pattern Design by Mercury McCutcheon
Mercury McCutcheon: Hand Painted Art and Design by Mercury McCutcheon
Enchanted Apparel & Gifts:

I also have these other shops:


Sign up for my newsletter here (if you were on my mailing list before 12/2021, apologies for the inconvenience, but you will have to sign up again). I may or may not decide to start sending one out again. If I do, it will most likely be monthly:

For my behind the scenes photo log, visit me on Flickr. Updates are few and far between, but sometimes I post pictures:

We updated our Mac operating system and lost the software I was using to animate the mandalas on youtube and can't seem to get it again so for now, my youtube channel is abandoned, but if I can get the software again, or even something similar, I might start updating again:

I still love pinterest:

I might update this again:

Coloring books and journals as well as blank journals are still on both and Barnes & Noble: (points to my author page)